No DMs, please

See also: jez not Jez

Please avoid sending me direct messages (DMs) to ask me questions. (Especially technical questions.)

If you can ask me a question in a public space, please ask it there.
If you can’t or aren’t sure whether you can ask it in public, feel free to DM me (but know that my first response might be to request that you re-ask it in a public space).

Some suggestions for public spaces to ask questions in include:

The exception: if you have questions for me relating to my employer, or are curious to know whether I’m open to new roles elsewhere, please do email or DM me, as I do not prefer answering these questions in public.

Whatever you do, do not let the first message be merely “Hello” or “👋” because that will ding me immediately, and then I’ll impatiently await the actual question while watching a “user is typing” indicator.


Questions are excellent moments to teach and share knowledge. When asked in public spaces, a couple good things happen:


Of course, feel free to send me DMs for situations like these:

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