Compiling Ruby to Native Code with Sorbet and LLVM

At Stripe I spent two years working on the Sorbet Compiler, an ahead-of-time compiler for Ruby powered by Sorbet, the type checker for Ruby. Along with Trevor Elliott, I spoke about the Sorbet Compiler at RubyConf 2021 in Denver, Colorado.

The abstract of the talk:

At Stripe, “make it faster!” is one of our most requested features, but we don’t want to have to pause work on other features to get speed. Instead, we’ve built an ahead-of-time compiler for Ruby, powered by Sorbet and LLVM, focusing on improving latency in Stripe’s multi-million line Ruby code base.

In this talk, we’ll cover why we built it, how it works, and share preliminary results from compiling Stripe’s production Ruby code. It’s not quite ready for prime time yet, but we’re interested in sharing our approach and getting early feedback on the design.

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